MosquitoBanUSA - Barrier Sprays
Ecosmart Paypal I was skeptical but now I am a believer! After receiving MosquitoBan treatment, my family and I can now really ENJOY our back yard for weeks at a time, worry-free from any mosquitoes. I would highly recommend this property treatment to anyone who wants to claim their back yards back! -Ambrosia G., Raleigh

Barrier Spray

Recurring pesticide treatments are a great way to keep your yard 100% mosquito-free without having to install an automatic misting system.

Our application professionals can visit your home every 3 weeks (according to your schedule) and use a backpack sprayer to target and treat entire designated areas. The treatments are the same Pyrethrum-based solutions used with the misting systems, but at a fraction of the initial cost!

Getting Started

Please contact MosquitoBanUSA for a consultation. We will visit your property and make recommendations specific to your needs. A typical yard is treated once every three weeks for maximum effect.

Thanks for considering MosquitoBanUSA. We look forward to making your backyard the most comfortable room in the house!

Barrier sprays are one way to guarantee that your yard has zero mosquitoes in it.